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About Dunthorpe Marketing Group

We are lead lifecycle experts who work with B-to-B marketing teams to directly impact every stage of the sales process. The overall goal is to help our clients and their CMOs increase, measure and validate their contribution to revenue performance.

With our unique, comprehensive model for lead lifecycle management, we use the power of marketing automation to build targeted prospect databases and successfully generate, qualify and nurture sales-ready leads.

The Lead Lifecycle is a never ending, cyclical model. It tracks the ongoing behavior of prospects and customers as they interact with your organization, from responding to email campaigns to attending events to downloading online materials. Once a prospect enters the model—and becomes a lead—their behaviors are scored to determine their sales readiness at every turn. Only the leads that showcase optimum criteria are passed to the sales team for sales engagement.

Leads not considered sales-ready are not discarded, but continually nurtured and re-scored until they meet desired criteria. Even after a lead has been converted to a sale, it is placed back into the nurturing pipeline for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

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