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Why we're unique

Established in 2004 as a full service creative boutique, ExtraCake has grown to a mini-network of specialist divisions including Through-The-Line Advertising, Digital Marketing, Public Relations & Event Management and is now serving some of the worlds leading brands.

Throughout that time our aim has remained consistent and straightforward – delivering effective creativity and enjoying the process.

We love our work and we’re pretty sure that it shows!

What’s the role of an agency? There are a probably a million answers out in the market to this question but in our view it’s an easy one – Simply to communicate your message.

Communicating your message to your customer through whatever channel, medium or method is the most appropriate and in the most effective manner.

The route to that outcome can sometimes be complex and this can include building or maintaining a brand, aligning your values across and throughout the organisation or launching a product. The end result is the same though and that’s communicating what you want to say and achieving your business objectives.

It is a simple philosophy but something we believe in with a passion.

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