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We hate sheep

Borderless ideas for brands that want to stand out from the flock.

The people of Sullivan Higdon & Sink hate sheep because they remind us of marketing that follows instead of leads. Strategies that should be put out to pasture in today’s marketing multiverse. And docile ideas that inherently blend in

If you’re considering changes or additions to your agency roster, SHS is ready to prove that our unique structure, borderless approach and burning hatred for sheep can do great things for your brand. Blue chip clients who could work with any agency in the country choose to work with SHS because they want to stand out from the flock. Our work is integrated from the start. Our collaborative style and sparkling personalities make taking on any challenge a little more fun. And the results we deliver make CEOs and Boards of Directors very happy. No, SHS is not the right agency for every brand. But maybe, just maybe, we’re the right agency for you. Let’s find out. Make the bold/gutsy/daring decision to make your brand truly remarkable. Whether it’s a new agency engagement or an important project that needs some extra oomph, we’d relish the chance to help you learn to love hating sheep.

The agency’s creative work has been recognized by Communication Arts, The One Show, Archive and The National Addys.

In 2008, the Business Marketing Association named SHS its Agency of the Year.

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