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Smart advertising and creative strategies. And then some cookies.

Smart approach to advertising

Meaning: going deep and with lots of thought into every project, no matter what’s the size of a brand or project.
Meaning: not underestimating the witts and hearts of the customers.
Also meaning: creating effective campaigns, because that’s the use of smarts.

Strong brand strategy

Meaning: never letting brands depend on current inspiration or fashion but relying on facts, insights, understanding buyers behavior and defining precise target groups – before deciding how to reach them.


Meaning: we don’t think we know everything.
That’s why our every project starts with a research, making sure we understand specific market circumstances, target group motivators and communication strategy.

Something a bit different

Meaning: we don’t believe that ads have to sound like “ads” to sell.
Also meaning: You don’t have to yell to be heard. Just have to say relevant things the right way for the right people. And It also tends to be cost effective that way.

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