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About Us

Founded in 2011, Infinity Core started out with 5 founding members with a passion for games design. With experienced mentors and advisers from Singapore Polytechnic and SPRING Singapore on board to guide the young start-up from scratch, Infinity Core was born.

Since then we have expanded our capabilities and diversified our services. Using the experience and expertise that we have gathered throughout the years in both development and design, we have integrated our strengths and capabilities to provide a holistic package for businesses and companies to better retain customers, better understand the market and advertise their services and products

Stemming from experience with various partners, we know that when it comes to games, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach. Hence, depending on what you, the client wants to work with, Infinity Core has the means to see what goes best for you and your business.

We are currently based in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, with an extensive team of graphic designers, engineers, developers and accounts managers.

With our emphasis on quality, we ensures that the projects are delivered and developed in top quality industry standard. We believe that innovative is key. Therefore, we are constantly researching and analyzing the market needs, trends and demands, so to be up to date with the market. So as to provide a better service to our partners and customers.

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