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Media Made Easy. Clear ROI.

Intersect Media Solutions is a full-service media planning and placement agency that provides national to local market strategies and solutions for statewide, regional and national clients. Using the latest industry and media research, we help define your advertising objectives and ultimately pinpoint the delivery of your message to your target audience. Using print, mobile/online, TV and OOH media, we help you reach your customers using the best media to achieve your goals.


Local Market Research
Data talks, everything else walks. Use empirical research to identify your target market, make your media choices, and craft your message, and your path forward becomes clear.

Strategic Planning & Placement
At Intersect Media Solutions, we bring to every project an insatiable desire to understand: you, your product or service, where your business is headed, and whether we’re the right partner to take you there.

Billing & Verification
After executing your media campaign, Intersect Media Solutions provides proof that you got what you paid for.

Intersect Media Solutions - Where Marketing Insight meets Media Genius

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