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About Lyerly Agency Inc.

Business people tend to talk in terms of owning a brand. The hard truth is, we businesses don’t really own brands at all. People do. It’s what’s in their heads – and their hearts – that determine how they think or feel about any particular brand.

That’s our belief at Lyerly. So we don’t tag ourselves with the distinction of being solely business-to-business or consumer marketers. We are simply experts in the fields of marketing, advertising and public relations, and we’re in the business of communicating to people. Whether your target is a businessperson or a retail consumer, it’s up to us to develop the winning communications strategies that will help your audience own the message that you want to deliver.

What do we own? The responsibility as your full-service communications partner to develop the right solution that will influence, impact, inspire and persuade people to act, visit, call, click, sample, purchase and remain loyal – to your brand.

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