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Why we're unique

It’s Time For Wilder Thinking

You don’t have to outspend your competition. You have to outthink them. Unfortunately many Local Marketing Agencies tend to take a “one plan fits all” approach and more often than not, the media misses the mark.

At Michaels Wilder we think differently. We evaluate the unique aspects of your business, your competitive environment and your customer base; then we develop a diverse media plan that fits your needs exactly. If print is working, we’ll make sure it’s working to its fullest potential. If Mobile Search delivers, we’ll focus more dollars there. And once your plan is in place our work really begins.

Let’s face it, these days media changes rapidly. That’s why your Michaels Wilder team will track and evaluate every dollar you spend to make sure you’re getting the results you need. It’s a smarter way to work. And it’s the only way we do things.

How can our Thinking help your business?

Our people are experts at bringing online and offline solutions together to make your brand the focus of consumer searches. From traditional Print to Online, Mobile or whatever’s next, we’ll make sure that when your target audience searches, they find you.

Our Local Marketing Services Include:
• Print and Online Listings Management
• Online and Print Directory Programs
• Mobile
• Social Media and Reputation Management
• Paid Search
• Print and Online Pay per Call Programs

Want to know more? Give us a call. We’ll respond fast. And we won’t ever take your business for granted. It’s just not our style.

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