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Bold ideas. Constantly flowing. Engineering Your Success.

Mountain Stream Group is a detail-oriented, results-driven, multi-discipline communications consultancy. Our mission is simple: help you engineer your success.

To help you achieve success, we have adopted the following Albert Einstein quote as our mantra which our team of senior-level, world-class communications professionals and industry specialists lives by.

"We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

We believe communication is all about problem-solving to which we apply scientific principles and multi-level, cross-trained thinking to blend visual, verbal and sensory communication into a multidimensional, behavior-affecting message stream that creates a physical, rational and emotional connection between your stakeholders and your brand, products or services.

To fulfill our mission, we supply a range of engineering, management consulting, marketing communications, and workforce development services. With the ability to customize them to focus on an individual application or integrate them into a holistic organizational solution, we provide your business a singular place to obtain a clear, cohesive, consistent brand message for all your brand’s touchpoints — and memorable voice.

Since 1993, our customized strategies have launched, grown, or revitalized companies, brands, and products locally, nationally, and internationally.

We consistently engineer market inroads and your success by making it a performance standard — personalized for your situation. And, our business building formula has helped startups to Fortune 500 companies

• formulate a blueprint for success;
• develop a proprietary and sustainable brand position and creative strategy;
• create breakthrough communications;
• improve their brand image and awareness;
• increase morale and lower turnover;
• generate more productivity while reducing costs by up to 70%;
• swiftly grow revenue;
• gain market share;
• deliver value to their stakeholders by providing category dominance;
• expand their bottom-line through aggressive new product development; and
• enhance their return-on-investment.

We ensure your success by utilizing our 6-step, closed-loop design process. It combines principles from continuous improvement methodologies like Six Sigma with idea-to-launch product design processes. It provides structure, discipline, and persistence to smartly resolve issues, create communication that connects, and cause action — leading to sustainable, repeatable, and scalable success in an ever-evolving ecosystem.

And, through our strategic alliance with Brand Central Station/ECCO — a worldwide brain trust of over 65 independent communications agencies in over 40 countries — we provide our clients with cost-effective, fluid global communications reach.

Our proposal to you is this: sample our results-driven communications strategies. After all, your success could depend on it.

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Great partner, smart marketer ...


We've worked with Jeff Klingberg for years and have found his point-of-view to complement our approach to solving advertising, PR and marketing challenges for our clients. We continue to team up with Jeff and Mountain Stream Group to deliver unique, effective solutions to clients located throughout the United States.

Bawden & Lareau Public Relations
Public Relations and Communications
11 months ago
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