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Why we're unique

NewDealDesign is a San Francisco based design agency specializing in product and information architecture for consumer and commercial experiences.

We are architects of advanced reality. Defining objects and non-objects made to last through cultural shifts, business dynamics and across technology spheres. We craft progressive vision into tangible reality, beyond conventional design thinking or process. Creating delightful and workable design made for real people- living, loving, working and thriving. We do so with unmatched talent, passion and a smile as striving for greatness starts with believing in people.

Ranked among the top design agencies in the world, we create iconic, award-winning products across the physical and digital business categories. Our clients range from start-ups to large corporations and include Logitech, Fujitsu, Better Place, Toshiba, SlingMedia, FitBit, Lytro and many more.

For more than a decade, we have been creating products that stand above the fray with their grace and simplicity. Having produced dozens of objects that embody the hallmarks of elegant and intuitive designs, NewDeal has emerged as a leading voice in international design. Equipped with the right talent, intuition and skill our studio has created some of the most successfully-designed objects of the decade.

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