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About Us

OAK Digital is a top ranked performance marketing agency based in New York City. Founded by ex-Google and Ralph Marketing Executives, OAK works with some of the most prominent DTC brands and ensures all clients get senior level account managers to lead each client engagement.

OAK is comprised of 3 divisions – Affiliate Marketing, Media Buying & SEO.

The Affiliate division:
OAK’s affiliate division is currently ranked as the #1 content partnership team in the US. The focus on upper funnel traffic regularly places its clients in premium publications such as Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, CNN, BuzzFeed, Men’s Health, the Daily Beast and more. OAK has a dedicated premium content partnership team which works with the largest publishing houses in the US.

OAK´s Media Buying Division:
OAK partners with DTC brands to manage Facebook/Instagram advertising, PPC, programmatic & retargeting.

OAK’s SEO division:
This division focuses on SEO content strategy. OAK has worked with some of the biggest brands like Freshly and has helped them achieve their SEO goals.

OAK Drives Sales For Brands Like:

Angie’s List
The Tennessee Titans
The Minnesota Vikings
Real Madrid
Hatch Collection

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