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About Product council

Product council is a human-centric design innovation consultancy. Since 1994, we have helped companies grow by identifying the latent needs, behaviors, and desires of consumers to create new products, brands and the interactive experiences that embody them. Our goal is to create impactful solutions that differentiate in the market, and achieve business success.

Product council has partnered with over 175 industry leaders ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to fortune 100 members. The more notable have included Abbott Labs, Activision, Hitachi, Jensen, Johnson + Johnson, JVC, Leica Micro Systems, Motorola, Onkyo, Panasonic, Stryker Medical, Thermo-Fischer Scientific, and Whirlpool.

Since our inception we have designed over 1000 products, been granted 75 patents and won numerous national and international design awards, giving further testimony to our commitment to excellence.

Product council is led by design veterans Greg Foster and Robert Sheldon, who bring decades of design expertise and experience to every program.

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