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Who We Are

David Valentine and Mark Lauman launched Rethink in the Spring of 2013. With no money and no clients, they threw themselves into making their dream of creating a leading digital agency a reality. Rethink quickly picked up a number of small and local clients, which enabled them to hire their first two employees at the start of 2014.

Starting in the Fall of 2014 Rethink nabbed a string client victories which ultimately led to where things stand today. In the span of 6 months, the Rethink team signed Southern Fried Cotton, Adelbert’s Brewery, Jobipedia, and some social media work for the Jeb Bush campaign.

These accounts elevated Rethink to a new level and allowed for a string of hirings.

Most clients end up hiring Rethink because our goal for every campaign is return on investment (ROI). Mark and David were tired of seeing agencies be more concerned with winning awards than getting results for their clients. Because ROI is the goal Rethink continually hires similarly visioned employees who put client results above their ego every day of the week.

Our approach towards brand strategy is guided by our overall philosophy of ROI. Positioning the brand in such a way as to get results is of highest value. Rethink takes into account the target demographic, along with company history, and overall direction the company is heading.

If you're looking for an agency who gets results and tirelessly works for you, Rethink is a great fit!

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