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Why we're unique

ROI Influencer Media guarantees brand engagements for Fortune 1000 Marketers. We help brands maximize the power of Facebook and Social Media with Takeover advertising campaigns (with HD Video) via Facebook and Mobile.

The ROI Influencer team of Social Advertising & Video specialists have the knowledge and ability to help brands engage the most connected audience in the world. ROI Influencer Media reaches the most influential people for social engagement:

*Gamers on Facebook Social Apps

*Celebrities with over 1 Million Followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

*YouTube All Stars with over 1 Million Content Channel Subscribers

ROI Influencer Media provides brands the needed mixture of Targeting, Takeover Ads with HD Video Quality, User Engagements, Social Sharing and Trackable Numbers. ROI Influencer Media provides all the key elements and guarantees each media plan will result in a multilayered Return On Investment.


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