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About Taproot Creative

Founded in 2005, Taproot Creative devises research-based, results-driven business and communication strategies that move people to action. That means, unlike your average “marketing agency,” we’re far less interested in making memorable impressions on behalf of our clients than we are in convincing their stakeholders to take some kind of mutually beneficial action – buy a product, become a member, join a movement, donate, volunteer, vote or perform any number of other desirable behaviors that are inextricably linked to the long-term success of a given organization. Bottom line: we implement informed creative tactics that generate a measurable return on investment.

We love what we do, and those we serve. Over the past nine years, we've received more than 100 awards from various industry organizations for our work in the design, web, advertising and public relations arenas. Our client work has also received recognition in media outlets across the country, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Mother Jones, Politico and Florida Trend, among others.

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