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We are scylla

The Scylla Group operates under two related business lines: Digital Marketing and Advertising and IT Solutions. The two lines are closely integrated functions. While the marketing and advertising business line helps companies connect and establish meaningful relationships with their customers, the IT Solutions provides a stable and reliable infrastructure to support these communications both internally and externally- ensuring maximum impact and support.

Our Digital Design and Advertising services group provides strategic direction with design & technology solutions for small business and fortune 500 companies. The professionals in this business line help companies create awareness of and desire for their products and services while converting these interested parties into sales leads. The Scylla Group specializes in digital media strategy and communications tactics that are centered around peer-to-peer online interaction, education and leveraging of the full online experience.

Our IT services are consulting-oriented, intending to become a trusted adviser and partner for small and medium sized businesses. We emphasize strength in knowledge-base and industry insight to provide forward-looking solutions instead of short term fixes. We provide information technology architecture design, implementation and maintenance. This includes computer networking, email, file storage, and website hosting.

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