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The Sunflower Group is a promotional services firm that builds brand awareness and sales through targeted product sampling and high-impact promotional vehicles. Sunflower Group programs help marketers build brands by truly connecting with shoppers at home, at play and at the point of purchase--at nearly every point along the path to purchase.

Sunflower supports its sampling programs with smart, vertically integrated systems including warehousing and fulfillment, research, creative design & materials sourcing, call center; as well as marketplace intelligence and retail merchandising services. All Sunflower systems align to provide seamless and effective sampling service.

If you market a product that can be experienced using the 5 senses--then sampling is the most convincing tactic you can activate. Nothing else does what sampling can do. There's not an app for that. Believe in your brand? Sample it.

And when you do sample...sample with confidence. Sample with the Sunflower Group.

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