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Why We Exist.

Before considering the formation of The Wagner Agency, we took into consideration that there are nearly fourteen thousand advertising agencies throughout the United States.

Can you imagine?

Who needs that many advertising agencies?

Most of them seem to overpromise and underdeliver or are filled with “yes” types and “order-takers” ready to do whatever they believe will please their clients. Other agencies do the “bait and switch.” The big players come to the pitch to impress you and once they are awarded the business, a bunch of recent college graduates with no-real world experience end up working on your account with little to no support.

The notion of adding one more of those to the industry was not inspiring. When working with startups still formulating their ideas, we always advise them to build companies that solve important problems for which a great solution is not yet available and help make the world a better place at the same time. So, we took our own advice and carefully observed what was missing in the industry and causing clients to distrust agencies followed by tearing up the old ad agency playbook.

Our planners invest in consumer insight, trend analysis, neuromarketing, social anthropology, and human behavior analyses on an ongoing basis. We’re prepared with the insight our clients need before they even have to ask.
We’re futurists but also grounded by the reality and significance of what happens tomorrow and if it has relevance to our clients’ goals and objectives.
Our measure of success isn’t limited by what our analytics tell us. Our metrics include data shared by our clients because goals, objectives, and key performance indicators (KPIs) have not been achieved until they impact our clients’ bottom line.
We also provide business consulting to our clients because you are not a client’s partner until you roll up your sleeves and support them from the inside out.
Are we creative and innovative? Of course, we are.

Do we have experience planning, purchasing, and managing all types of media? Absolutely.

What makes our agency stand out is its dedication to “getting it right” every time. A great building requires a strong foundation. That’s why considerable time and planning go into the start of everything we do.


Our work moves the needle.

And you don’t move needles by making things that worked yesterday. In fact, the solutions that will work for you don’t even exist yet.

Let’s change that.

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