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Visionary Technology, Critical Thinking

At Vision Critical we build online platforms that facilitate two-way communications with customers, employees and citizens in contexts ranging from market research to civic engagement. We help our clients ask better questions, listen more intently, and learn what the people they care about think and say. Over 600 organizations around the globe, including a third of the top 100 brands, have come to rely on the private online communities developed and supported through our cloud based software and global services. We are at the forefront of the smart, online communities movement, and are working with our customers to make conversations ever richer, more insightful and linking with their wider social data.

We believe that the essence of consumer/citizen sentiment measurement is two-way dialogue - whether through structured surveys or guided peer-to-peer discussions. We combine the art of design, robust engineering and sector specialists to make this dialogue meaningful, efficient, and comprehensible.

At Vision Critical we deploy over 2.5 million survey invitations per month across 26 languages. most of which involve the millions of consumers and citizens who are members of the online panels that we build and support. The cloud based software that powers these engagements is built around our Sparq ™ platform which matches an accessible user interface with fully featured modules for survey authoring, community management, discussion forums and reporting.

As a solutions company we provide professional support services, either directly or through our partner channels, to enhance our technology. Our experts play a dual role; first, they guide and often execute client assignments using our software. Second, they play an integral role in the development of our platforms and applications.

Vision Critical continues to invest heavily in R&D, new sales capacity and in IT infrastructure. With offices across North America, Europe , Asia and Australia, we offer a truly global perspective in almost every industry niche, from consumer goods, retail and technology to financial services, health, public affairs and media.

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