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“Our first major match through Agency Spotter went amazingly well. We connected with a client based in Mexico City to overhaul their user experience and design, and now we have a long-term client that is perfect for Copious."Tim Haskins, Founder + CEO, CopiousTim haskins cebeb2e7e84474704f7814e95d47cab2db70cbb93b7ee61e4b9b28d501f56940“Life changing tool for any marketer...
and a chance for agencies to win accounts they would never think of competing for.”
Przemek Dzierbicki, Global Brand Activation Director at Carlsberg GroupPrzemek dzierbicki 16f2b377ad0473b389337af4cf87aec6aaffeea5913547c91b08bade340fb9dd
“Agency Spotter is a social marketplace where you can see everyone you know or want to know all in one place. It helped us find the perfect match from the agency's portfolio to the people that work there.”Michele Allum, Manager of Marketing Communications, Elekta
"The industry has needed this for a long time. Knowing which agency to talk to shouldn’t be left to chance. Agency Spotter widens my view of available talent … while providing a wonderful user experience. The integration with LinkedIn is brilliant."Richard Fouts, Vice President, GartnerRichard fouts 69605e013f320557e4f10d4900365c032a3f1c7354127591364b2111fda9fdb3
"I love this. Agency Spotter provides value to both sides of the relationship - demystifying the agency sourcing process for businesses while surfacing niche agencies that might not otherwise be found."Bill Hayes, President & COO, VendormateBill hayes c1ae6df1692459ee34c3c5717f9bbdbd5fc1f8fac2b2eb52353f98e02c720c78
“Tackling a pain point I feel on a regular basis.”Scott Roen, VP at American ExpressScott roen 75f1aecd4919dd2d4563d267f8030c1044d20a9c29103e65884c30fa910d54f0
“Agency Spotter saved us time and helped us discover local branding agencies we didn't know existed. As a growing startup, saving time and finding an amazing partner are extremely important. We reached out to our shortlist of branding agencies, everyone got back to us quickly, and we set up meetings to make our decision. It was great!”Alyson Moler, Co-Founder, The Ice Cream BarAly moler e32ad228c348c1bacfa4a15fe56a6642565b032dfc7247558625dbb2f6efb7b4
“It is not just about what you know but also about who you know. Agency Spotter makes that a whole lot easier!”Maarten Albarda, Founder at MLA Consulting & former VP at AB-InBevMaarten albarda 16820a44db67a54a37ff734ddcda43cadc280f13537de2e892505fb0157003b3
“We saw immediate results once our portfolio was on Agency Spotter. That made upgrading to the next tier an easy choice. It's a great tool with tremendous value for both agencies and marketers.”Tracy Hinson, Interactive Business Development at White LionTracy hinson 5e20a0304d8be8e81a08d71562eb901b3dcbecc0ff925dc53863765599a178f1
“Their service is unique and long overdue for the industry.”Ric Peralta, CEO at Attik (a Dentsu company)Ric peralta 0f8f05e7175228c449eeb7348736eab378384f86440befe6bf508965a2a4056b
“Agency Spotter is helping us reach brands we wouldn't otherwise meet.”Craig Johnson, President at MatchsticCraig johnson 4c973d1b72e7c0a87192bb172aaa4a9f1996fbd680c51c3b7958ba8523f4f7e7
“I believe in the matchmaker model.”Lisa Aloisio, Senior VP at BrandwarePRLisa aloisio a9ac2cf9d100e4ef521a813f98c24f2364260e46be65837652e459c2439e12b1