Frequently Asked Questions


Agency Spotter is a digital platform organizing the landscape of creative agencies, so it's easier for businesses and agencies to connect and do great work together.
Agency Spotter was founded by former leaders from The Coca-Cola Company and American Express, Brian Regienczuk and Joseph Raccuglia. Check out more about the founders and Agency Spotter team.
Both founders had seen and experienced a lot of pain around finding, recommending and managing agencies in the past. There's a whole story behind the impetus for founding Agency Spotter. You can also see them tell part of the story in this video.


It's free to search for,manage and review agencies. That means you can save a lot of time (and money) the next time you or someoneyou know is looking for an agency partner across areas such as advertising, design, digital, research, strategy,PR, and branding.
Right now, it's easy to get started by searchingany of the following: what the agency needs to be great at, where they are located, how big (or small) they are, and if they fityour budget. After that, we make it easy to compare agencies, see how you're connected to an agency via LinkedIn, add agencies to oneof your lists, review your favorite agencies, and contact agencies who might be interesting for an engagement.
Stay organized by adding agencies to lists, review agencies you're working with and keep an eye out for new projectfeatures or mentions of agencies you list on Agency Spotter.
Agency Spotter is free for businesses to use to searchfor, list and review agencies. You've got nothing to lose by starting asearch today and might just save a ton of time while discovering the perfect agency partner.


Get discovered by more businesses, make it easy for them to contact you for new business,avoid people whose budgets are too low, and prioritize leads by having access to see who has been checking you out. Premium agencieshave been getting 10 to 25 times more exposure on the site and have been receiving quality new business requests.
Agencies should specialize in one of our core services and must have at least two full-time employees. Currently, we arefocused on the US, but accept English language agencies across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. We currentlydo not showcase freelancers, contractors (individual or groups) or single-employee firms. To submit your agency for review, pleasevisit this page.
Follow the tips listed on your portfolio and agency dashboard pages. Upgrading will get you much more exposure. In addition, make sure you've got reviews from your best clients, updated your private pricerange information, added great projects, made sure your contact information is all correct, and updated your core and secondary services.
You can upgrade to a premium membershipand be rotated into the home page featured area. The other opportunities to be featured in an article or highlighted in someother way are based on our editorial calendar. The only things that might get our attention otherwise are if you're sharing usthrough social media, have an awesome portfolio on the site, and are getting some great attention from users (views, lists, shares, reviews).