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FULL-SERVICE MARKETING AGENCY - We deliver solid ROI for B2B & B2C companies with effective digital and traditional marketing and web design strategies that generate leads, acquire new customers, and fuel business growth. 6 Marketing Pain Points Our Digital Agency Solves For Clients Every Day: START-UP: I just started my business and I’m eager to grow, where do I begin? STARTING OVER: I had “a guy” in the past and feel like I’ve been burned, do I have to start over? MARKETING PLAN: I can’t afford an in-house team, how can I execute my marketing plan? QUALIFIED LEADS: I generate a lot of traffic on my website but where are my good-fit leads or actual sales? POOR ROI: I’m spending money on marketing so why are my results and ROI so poor? MARKETING COSTS: I already wear too many hats, how can I fast-track my marketing efforts without breaking the bank? Our Inbound And Traditional Marketing Services Include: Local and national SEO, pay-per-click advertising, responsive website design, e-commerce development, graphic design, digital and print catalog and menu conversion, content marketing, social media, email campaigns, video production, reputation management, web hosting, and more. We're like the Costco of marketing agencies - great value for every dollar invested. No interns, no offshoring, and no minimum wages. Some Stats About Tag Marketing: 200+ businesses marketed, 94% partnerships continued, $200M client revenue generated, $25:1 average ROI, 100's of websites created, 100% 5-star reviews. Light a fire under your online marketing efforts to effectively and efficiently reach your company’s goals - START TODAY! Stop letting your competitors get ahead of you. Let's talk.

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