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Digital + Sales Development = More Revenue

We are a sales and marketing agency focused on helping our B2B clients generate more qualified sales meetings for their sales team. We build custom sales funnels that produce qualified sales leads to increase your sales pipeline. Then we deploy our skilled Sales Development Team to nurture and convert your leads into the schedule sales meetings you need to grow your business. Proven. Focused. Growth.

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Client Reviews (1)

Major dissapointment


We hired ProSales Connection roughly a year ago to generate leads for our technology services business. They told us to expect 2-3 qualified appointments per week.

They underdelivered severely.

We didn't make a single sale through them. They sent us to the wrong address for one appointment. They set another appointment with a person who wanted personal training (which we don't offer), and had no buying authority at their organization.

Today I received a call from a ProSales rep who, presumably, was doing lead gen using their customer list. I explained that I had a bad experience with ProSales and that I wasn't interested, so he used the rest of the call to try to sell me cannabinoid oil for another company.

This is what you are paying for when you hire ProSales.

Managing Consultant
Information Technology and Services
over 5 years ago
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