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ABOUT FPS - “ Our approach is always to bring a human side to our productions. In order for a story, any story, to resonate the audience has to feel something. Finding that human connection, that emotional hook, is what keeps an audience engaged. ” FPS Productions is a full-service production company specializing in high-definition (HD) corporate and commercial creation. Regardless of final output, we shoot in 4K/2K/HD to allow for the most flexibility in delivery. FPS places the highest importance on pre-production. Location scouting, shot lists, and/or storyboards are just part of the preparation that makes for a smooth process. The result? Fears are allayed and energies can be put into creative thinking and execution. Not forgetting that by pre-planning erroneous assumptions aren’t made. Everyone can be on “the same page” with regards to the direction of the project. In production, our approach to videography isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Multiple cameras (including the latest Sony F5 camera system) and an extensive selection of hand-picked 35mm lenses provide optical solutions for every need and only serve to broaden our creative approach. Our in-house equipment list includes light kits, camera dollies, track systems, portable chroma-key systems, product light tents, motorized turntables, macro-photography kits, a teleprompter kit, an infra-red camera, a custom library of portable backdrops and more. And, of course, we rent equipment as necessary. FPS pays attention to important details like make-up and wardrobe so that everyone looks good on camera. And we account for necessary props, backdrops and other embellishments to help a scene come alive. Our personnel are certified in mobile crane and scissor-lift operation to get those dramatic shots that make or break productions. FPS has a table-stop studio on the premises. And safety is important to us: all full-time staff have been trained by St. John’s Ambulance to deal with and avoid a medical crisis.

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