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LET'S BURN THE BOX. - Thinking inside or outside the box is irrelevant. You’re still tied to the box. That’s why we burn it. We’re free to explore, discover, change perceptions, influence decisions, impact sales, encourage contributions and the list goes on. Nice to be done with the box, isn’t it? The ideal relationship begins with trust. We always have our client’s best interests at heart. We invest time, thinking, and purpose in understanding your brand and the project. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. Then and only then can we produce our best work. Lasting client/agency relationships are fostered in an atmosphere of open dialogue and shared exchange. We may not always agree. We may not always come to the same conclusion. But we respect the differences and from those differences produce the greatest work possible. Our combined experience totals 175 years. During those years, senior members of our team created recognized and effective work for a number of Fortune 500 companies and organizations, including: AT&T, Ford, Sears, Johnson & Johnson, Volvo, Black & Decker, Dell, REI, Sprint, Hardee’s, Kraft, and the United States Marine Corps. Each member of the team applies that invaluable experience to the work we produce for every client. We set the bar high and the end result has to pass our demanding standards before we share it with our clients. The work must also be on strategy and must establish a unique voice for the brand. We know what you’re thinking, why Chattanooga, Tennessee? Why not stay in NYC, Chicago or Atlanta where our careers started? The short answer, we wanted a change of pace, a pace outside of the office that encouraged an excitement about being creative and working with friends every day. With that, we like to say we’ve been unemployed for 15 years. Because when you’re having as much fun as we are, it’s not a job.

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Autonomous Republic

Autonomous Republic

Graphic / Communication

SMALL INTEGRATED, INDEPENDENT MARKETING AND BRANDING AGENCY BASED IN JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - We are the Autonomous Republic a small integrated, independent marketing and branding agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since its founding in 2013, the Autonomous Republic team has been helping others realise their sovereignty by building independent brands that have no equal, with clearly-defined purposes, and customer-magnetised values. The Autonomous Republic is owned, managed and run by its original two creative founders that believe that working directly with experienced creative and strategy is what provides instant answers, faster service and partnerships with our clients that move beyond just a business relationship. Our creative designers, copywriters, strategists and technologists are hand-picked from the best in the industry according to their category of experience. We take pride in our innovative team that produce the strategy, thinking and ideas that create visuals and text for every single deliberate thought. Our specialised agency has a big heart that looks at advertising, marketing, branding, social, digital and experiential holistically, focusing solutions that integrate only fruitful channels instead of each medium in isolation or a spray-and-pray approach. Our straight-talking approach has been called out by our clients as our best trait calling us the “no BS” agency. This title comes from the candour we consult and strategise with as we work in close partnership to decode our clients’ ongoing or immediate obstacles. We don’t dance around any of the issues, or claim we know or can do “everything”, but we can provide you with the truth, results-driven solutions and action all these to build your brand into something meaningful, bold, emotive or just darn epic. Our philosophy Brands deserve candid honesty if we want them to succeed. Our philosophy is simple; get $#!± done. $ create value # make it ownable ! make it remarkable ± make a net positive difference In today’s unstable business environment getting $#!± done means creating more than just airy-fairy ideas to win awards. It means achieving the objectives, with impact, on time, on a budget, and without fuss.

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