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A small group creating big work

Over twenty years ago we came up with the idea of forming an agency that was unlike any we had worked for. Rather than invest our resources in unnecessary layers (multiple account executives, secretaries, design assistants, freelancers) that would often add confusion when solving client problems, we would keep things simple. Our formula was Client + Designer – Middlemen = Great communication, which would equal great results.

In twenty years that simple idea has blossomed into a multifaceted creative services company – that holds true to that original (and simple) idea. Yes, we’ve added employees, skill sets, strategic alliances, and square footage – but we haven’t added any unnecessary layers. The result is great communication between our creative team and our clients, with none of the miscommunication and errors that can come from larger teams playing a game of “telephone”.

And it’s working. Our largest client has been with us for 10 years, our smallest has been with us since day one. We give them both the same level of commitment and service. In fact, we give every one of our clients unparalleled service, passion, and dedication – without the unnecessary layers.

To put it simply; what’s unique about Egg is how well we capture what’s unique about you.

Client Reviews (2)

Smart, creative, strategic

Design Strategy

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

We and our clients have been exceptionally pleased with Egg's contribution to our digital health projects. They understand web design, behavior change, UX and, importantly, how to work with diverse audiences and stakeholders.

Education Development Center
about 10 years ago
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