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B2B SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY WITH HUSTLE & HEART - Sculpt helps you master paid & organic social media to grow your audience, engage your advocates, and close more deals. We help sales and marketing teams at B2B firms with: ⚡️ Paid social advertising for leads and sales ⚡️ Organic social media strategy & content for advocacy ⚡️ HubSpot and Drift marketing automation ⚡️ Measurement and reporting with our cross-channel analytics ⚡️ Facebook ad testing at scale with our predictive creative process At Sculpt, we believe in doing B2B social the right way. *The way that fills the funnel, empowers your employee and customer advocates, nurtures prospects, and brings a clear ROI. We don't pretend to do it all. If you're looking for a team to... ❌ Build your brand from scratch? ❌ Design and develop your website? ❌ Scale your B2C e-commerce business? ❌ Manage all of your marketing initiatives? We'll politely send you in another direction. If you’re looking for an agile team of specialists that can…. ✅ Steer your customer acquisition strategy? We’ll launch multi-channel paid campaigns that convert fans and visitors into buyers. ✅ Close more opportunities? We'll leverage marketing automation to connect the dots between your social and sales team. ✅ Make social media work smarter for your brand? We’ll transform your content strategy, and train your team to execute it. ✅ Create content that’ll make your prospects take notice? We’ll re-tool your funnel with scroll-stopping assets and chatbots that nurture leads. → Learn more about how we win fans, stop thumbs, define brands, and drive growth at

10 - 49 Staff
Iowa City
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