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When you need influencers, these are the best influencer agencies to help you navigate influencer marketing. Navigating influencers can be a complex process, and these influencer agencies make it easy for your brand to succeed.
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Intuition Media Group

Intuition Media Group

Influencer Marketing

INFLUENCER MARKETING - LET US HELP YOU BUILD IMPACTFUL BRAND AND INFLUENCER COLLABORATIONS - Intuition Marketing d/b/a Blissful Media Group is a full-service influencer marketing agency based in the NYC Metro area, founded in 2008. With our combined experience, we help create and implement effective and impactful influencer marketing campaigns that tell your brand’s story at scale. We carefully manage every step of the process, ensuring your goals and objectives are always the driving force. We work to help our clients identify, vet, secure and activate influencers with highly engaged, targeted audiences to create content that resonates with the clients’ audience and drives results for their campaigns. From ideation to implementation, our team develops campaigns that connect with your target audience and utilize influencers to drive engagement and enhance credibility. We believe in the human element combined with the power of technology to reach the right influencers for our clients. We have been exceeding expectations for our clients for over a decade - managing strategic campaigns for the most established brands, such as Canon USA, Washington Prime Group, Hyundai, GoDaddy, FCBNY (FDA’s The Real Cost – DIP, CIGS & Juul’s, Mike’s Hard Lemonade), Universal Music, Korband Wine 7 Spirits, TikTok, J&J, Hallmark, Hooters and many more Our agency works across many categories, including: Lifestyle, Parenting, Food & Beverage, Technology, Home Decor, Entertainment, Social Change, Retail, and many more. For more information reach us at: Contact us: [email protected]

10 - 49 Staff
Multiple Cities
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