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Brand and Information Designers

Opus Design is a boutique graphic design studio specializing in branding and information design for higher education and professional services. Our studio is located in Boston, MA. We love what we do — and that makes us a team of energetic people committed to creating effective design for our clients.

As information designers, we are experts in translating complex concepts and data into visuals that are memorable and engaging.


A Few Examples and Maki

Here are four sample projects showing print, web, logo and information design. The variety demonstrates that we do not force a particular style on clients but rather work to showcase their own brand to connect with their own audience and message. There are many more samples on our website,

Please also check out our blog for short, fun tutorials we call "Maki," design tidbits for marketers. We created "Maki" for clients who wanted to learn more about design (from ideation to technical). You can subscribe to the blog, get our app in the iStore, or have us come do an in person workshop or demo for your team. We hope you enjoy!

Client Reviews (1)

Sharp, strategic and talented!

Graphic / Communication


Opus is my go-to team for any project that needs a strong visual. They never fail to be responsive, smart, and delightful to work with. I am constantly impressed with their design capabilities and eagerness to take on tricky branding challenges.

Tandem Marketing + Consulting
almost 10 years ago
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