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We build videos that drive results

CRFT is a design-driven company and animation studio.

Our videos are crafted with your brands' unique identity in mind, and we tailor your message to engage with your target audience on a personal level. We also pride ourselves on providing our clients with the industry's highest level of quality and production standards.

We are a team of passionate individuals who have each made a name in distinctive industries. With expertise and experience that dates back to more than a decade, you can trust our team to produce impactful videos that achieve your each and every goal.

Our services:

Animated explainer video
Whiteboard video
Tutorial video
3D animation
3D modeling & visualization
Commercial & product video
Live action video

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We have developed a process that ensures a timely delivery within your budget. You will love our collaborative approach that allows you to get involved at every of our production process. We have a creative and unique video production process, and you will discover it first hand.

We like working closely with our clients and we invite you to join us to bring your story to life.

Client Reviews (6)

2D Animated Video for Stripe Tracker Company


Budget Range
less than $20,000

I had worked with the team before. It was a good fit and the right time for both of our businesses.

The were extremely communicated, walked me through the process of script writing, story boarding and they were incredibly flexible with their services. They then validated everything, each step of the way.

CRFT Video meets deadlines and encourages a seamless workflow. They laid out a timeline of steps early on and stuck to it. We were able to call or email them at any time with questions,

Marketing Director
Information Technology and Services
over 1 year ago
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