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We produce explainer videos that simplify your brand's message.

Studiotale is a video production company specializing in 2D animated explainer videos. Our objective is to help different organizations and businesses in simplifying their complex ideas and to educate customers through our creative videos. We produce explainer videos for everyone ranging from startups to established organizations. We believe that it is not only important to illustrate ideas creatively, but to ensure that they provide measurable results. We are backed by a team of very creative and hardworking animators, directors, content writers and designers who put in their full efforts to create interesting and witty videos for our clients.

Client Reviews (1)

ShatkiMat Animated Video Explainer

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

Anveshnath and the team at Studiotale are a delight to work for. They have the professionalism, creativity and response rate of any agency I've worked with in NY or London. We gave Studiotale a complex product to communicate through animation, and they created something that is beautifully explained, stunning to watch and which gets the message home in a direct and clever way. They are masters at VO selection and direction and created a top-rate audio bed against their animation.

All in all, Studiotale's work blew us out of the water. We had high expectations, and they surpassed them. G.Ryland - ShaktiMat DE

ShaktiMat DE
Health, Wellness and Fitness
over 5 years ago
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