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Bringing characters to life

Zookeeper is an animation and branding studio based in Los Angeles that brings characters to life.

We’ve helped clients like Nike, Fox Sports, NBC, Conan O’Brien and many more by animating content that grabs attention, builds younger audiences and creates loyal followers.

Working with Adobe’s Advanced Product Development Team, we’re utilizing new game-changing technologies that allow us to animate using 3-D face-tracking and audio inputs for realistic movements and lip-syncing. And do so more affordably than traditional animation. What before would take months now takes just weeks, so we can produce “snackable” content in high volume, which is perfect for bite-size applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or whatever is hot next month. These breakthrough technologies also let us animate in real-time, meaning live.

We worked with networks and brands, while also developing and producing our own IP for original animated shows.

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