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Your results-driven growth marketing partner.

We are a results-driven growth marketing agency that provides customized digital marketing services to companies that want to grow … fast.

Our process puts to work an integrated approach to marketing that works to attract, engage, and convert online traffic into customers. Our approach uses testing, data, and the good old human touch to build marketing momentum that produces exponential results over time.

Think of us as your marketing partner. Consultants will usually leave you with a list of things to do. A partner will take things off your list and put them into action. Helping you grow your business is our focus.

Curious about what’s possible for your business with a proven marketing partner in your corner? Here are some of our client results:

• 1800% more leads in 15 months - SaaS business intelligence platform
• 900 X more engagement on key sales - Data Integration & Productivity Software
• 414% more conversions - Enterprise corporate food services
• 41% revenue growth in under one year - Apparel designer and producer
• 410% more organic traffic - Northern California-based community college
• 92% reliance on ad spend - Enterprise corporate food services
• 37% more customers in under a year - iPaaS integration platform

Learn more about the results we’ve helped clients achieve here 👉🏽

Client Reviews (8)

They ask the right questions about our company and generate content that is on brand.

Marketing Strategy


Secret Sushi was recommended to me by a colleague who had a positive and successful experience with them at a previous company. We worked directly with a Marketing Consultant and closely with the CEO at Secret Sushi to help create a marketing campaign and promotional plan for our newly launched site.

Secret Sushi set up applications to help us track engagement and curated content across our social platforms. We now have more visibility into our audience and how we can target them. Our social media channels are set up and content is being pushed out on a daily basis. Since Secret Sushi started with us, we're seeing an increase in page views on our site and our initial goals are being met.

I appreciate their willingness to help and their extensive knowledge in analytics, social media, marketing, and advertising. They always have an idea or a suggestion for an application we could use when we're looking for a solution. They ask the right questions about our company and generate content that is on brand.

We're very happy we decided to work with Secret Sushi.

Research Program Manager
almost 4 years ago
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