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Drive Traction and Crush Your Competitors


Make Glorium Marketing Agency your exclusive partner in propelling your technological B2B startup to new heights. Our team of dedicated marketers is fueled by passion, applying proven and customized digital marketing strategies to drive success.

For well-established market players seeking a surge in leads, anticipate a bustling sales team as early as the second month of our collaboration. Building on the successes of our current clients, we consistently deliver 20-30 to 50-60 inbound marketing qualified leads per month, tailored to your market size and budget.


Reaching the club of top-5 DME software providers in the US market in 6 months


The client’s business is a startup. It is a comparatively new business process automation solution for medical equipment providers. Being a modern, intuitive cloud SaaS that helps significantly increase the productivity of any size HME and DME business, it deserves to get its place among the current niche market leaders.

They have reached our team, as they suffered from poor brand awareness and, thus, lack of leads. A well-organized sales department was ready to process more leads than they generated by directly contacting the prospects. So, their team highly needed inbound marketing.


The client had no marketing team, and the CEO and sales director provided all the activities. Ultimately, they had only a small website with basic information; it was poorly structured and difficult to perceive. LinkedIn was the only channel for reaching prospects.


Lead generation wasn’t the project’s prime goal, and we had time to set up everything correctly. So, we started with the marketing strategy development with all the attendant activities, such as market research (including conducting online interviews with their customers) and defining the product’s place in it, which allowed us to fit it the best according to the target audiences’ requirements and expectations.

After having a complete picture of the project, we created a website concept that combined marketing, sales, and SEO to shorten the time a visitor takes to investigate the landing pages and decide before requesting the product’s demo.

After the design and development stage, a simple but innovatively attractive (startup-kind) website was published in place of the old one. The new version looks completely different compared to what the competitors have. Not only does it have a fresh and exciting design, but it also includes more precise information about the functionality and apparent advantages.

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