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About The Brains

The Brains is a specialist lead generation agency. We combine digital advertising, irresistible content, consumer psychology and marketing automation to create lead generation engines for your business.

We help companies grow faster, creating targeted campaigns that match their ambitions and budgets.

Our Brainy strategists are experts in all areas of online marketing, from LinkedIn advertising, content strategy, data analytics, copywriting, design, to email marketing, marketing automation, linkedin advertising, facebook advertising SEO and PPC.

Client Reviews (1)

Delivered Marketing Leads & New Customers


We were looking to generate interest in our new product offering and the team delivered on our expectations.

They worked with us to refine the target audience for better online targeting, focused us on the right marketing channels, then seamlessly worked with our team to push the campaigns out.

We were very happy with the leads we got, and a high percentage of those leads turned into customers.

Managing Director
Rare Earth Global
Food & Beverages
about 3 years ago
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