How Top Agency Reports Work

Report Methodology and Agency Badging

Report Basics

Agency Spotter's team ranks the top agencies and design firms across different service areas on a regular basis. Reports last a minimum of 3 months depending on the popularity of the service area. Numerous factors help us produce a list of the top agencies for each of our specialized reports.
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Ranking Factors

Competitive Portfolio

Agencies are encouraged to have a portfolio that clearly articulates what makes them stand out, including everything from the main image to what they say about themselves.

Project Completeness

The more project work an agency shows, including how complete each project case study is once opened, help us establish their competency in the service area being reported on.

Client Reviews

Reviews are most useful when the client fully shares who they are and gives other decision makers more context about what working with the agency is like.

User Engagement

When all other things are equal, we look to what our users are doing. Based on a combination of the size of the agency and their geographic scope, we look at how Agency Spotter's registered users engage with an agency's portfolio.

Minimum Requirements

All agencies and design firms must meet Agency Spotter's minimum requirements to even be considered for a top report. These minimum requirements include having:
  • - Core service that matches the report categories
  • - Contact info on file including an email for the agency
  • - Project work
  • - Customer reviews

Badges for Top Agencies

Agency badges help ranked agencies share their rank and link to their report. If you make a top agency report, we recommend adding the badge to your agency's website, sharing it on social media, and including it in email signatures.
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