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Creative With Many Talents

DDarling is a young agency. We have experience ranging from refrigerated dog food to super-premium vodka to multinational business insurance. Please see the logos below for our full experience roster.

Our pre-Darling successes include: MasterCard Priceless, BP Beyond Petroleum, American Express OPEN campaign and business idea, Amtrak Life on Acela and Liberty Mutual Responsibility, what’s your policy?
We don’t have a lengthy philosophy, or fancy 12 step process. We simply believe in fundamental ideas.

A fundamental idea is based entirely on essential truths. Every company, service or product has one deep in it’s roots; It’s simply a matter of finding it and explaining it.

It’s easy for an agency to come in and give you an opinion of what your brand should or could be, but we think it’s more important to listen what your brand is saying. That’s how we find fundamental ideas for our clients.

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