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About Van der Veer Designers

Van der Veer Designers B.V. is a professional design studio, founded in 1984 and based in the Netherlands. As specialists in product design and product styling, Van der Veer Designers services the needs of a diverse group of loyal clients.

Our goal is to strengthen our clients’ businesses by delivering successful products that sell. A product is not simply an object that is linked to a brand. A product is the brand. Consequently, our client’s brand vision, brand values, needs and goals are the primary point of departure for each project. The products we develop have an intrinsic right to exist. Our objective is to generate ideas that surprise, delight and exceed expectations. With our broad expertise in design aesthetics, 3D surfacing, current technology, engineering, manufacturing and logistics, we transform our designs into commercially successful products that match our client’s strategy and organisation perfectly.

Our reward is an enjoyable long-term relationship with our clients.


Better Business by design

We are always focused on your business goals as we rethink how design connects with customers.

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