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About Accent Marketing Services

ACCENT Marketing Services is the performance marketing company for brands that are passionate about keeping and growing customers. Our data-driven approach combines the right tools, strategies and resources to help brands get the most out of their customer relationships. And our Continuous Engagement Improvrment process is proven to transform customer service touchpoints into powerful relationship and brand-building tools.

Since 1993, ACCENT has helped world-renowned brands acquire, support, retain and grow customers at every lifecycle stage. Today, we provide expert guidance to help our clients engage with their customers in the digital, social, interactive and real-time world. By consistently delivering personalized and engaging experiences, ACCENT has turned clients like BJ's Wholesale Club into a Forrester Top 10 Customer Experience firm and helped a Fortune 100 telecommunications client move from worst to first in customer services.

Whether consumers are on the phone, online or in social networks, ACCENT ensures our clients are part of the conversation. Because every time a customer interacts with a brand, it's an opportunity.

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