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Agency,Mai? delivers high quality web and digital work (product sites, corporate sites, microsites, interactive reports, calculators and animations, ecommerce, CRM integrations, image and video edits, design, website admin), mainly for clients in London and in the eastern US.

Our focus on efficient delivery of highly effective work is a huge boon to many of our clients, but it means that we aren't right for everyone.

What we do exceptionally well:
* We work exceptionally well with established or professionally run companies where there are clear goals, a strong existing marketing contact or team, and a hunger to excel.
* Technically we're extremely strong with WordPress, WooCommerce, CSS3 and JS (animations, transitions and effects).
* Our processes are honed to deliver for clients between UK and mid-US timezones. The core team speaks several languages fluently, and we have a lot of experience with multilingual deliverables.
* We are strong with collaborative work with existing internal teams or existing partner agencies / multi-agency set-ups.

Couple the above with strong visual design and image manipulation skills, and a seasoned understanding of communications and marketing, and our strengths are in creating digital content that informs, persuades, engages and sells.

What we aren't right for:
* We are absolutely not right for most start-ups, highly bureaucratic companies, or clients who need an agency to help solve organizational problems.
* We are not right if you need a .NET or Laravel project, nor if you need a heavily engineered enterprise-level system.
* We would not be able to work as effectively as we'd like with a client in a Pacific or Asian timezone - there are other people who would do better.
* While we can and do do video edits, 3d work, etc., as parts of web projects, we are absolutely not video specialists.

In the past we have done quite a few agency subcontracts, working on bigger brands for other agencies. That's great, as it means we can say we've worked on projects for Santander, Adidas, Novartis, United Nations, etc., and we love the agency vibe. But we're finding that working directly with clients is allowing us to do better, faster work.

Providing ongoing work that adds value is our focus, and our clients agree - as one Marketing Director recently told us "I go to you guys rather than our internal team because sometimes I need an artist, not a decorator".

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