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Why we're unique

The world has gone through incredible change in the last 36 months, and these changes continue to evolve and impact us daily.

No one can say with any certainty that they were prepared for the changes in Capital Markets back in September of '08. Our rapidly changing marketing/ communication environment is no different. It is challenging to anticipate where the evolution of these changes will continue to take us.

That doesn' t mean business can't adapt and survive. However, resource limitations, older business models, outdated templates, and planning from years gone by are some of the issues defining boundries and limiting the development and growth of today's SMB.

BASE 26 helps business owners and business management design, understand, and implement new strategies to become more efficient and to navigate in today's challenging environment. We also help keep business prepared for the world of change so that they can continue to adapt and grow.

While the current environment can be volatile, there are viable solutions.

We have worked with many large companies, including Home Depot, Time, Inc., CBS, Procter & Gamble, American Brands, General Mills, and still more.

We are also prepared to help investors - whether they are venture capital companies, private equity firms, or even banks - evaluate business concerns using the new environment as their base, so the investor(s) can understand what growth opportunities are being overlooked in this new environment.

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