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About Blinkready

Marketing Vision, with Creative Soul...-Throughout the years, we’ve learned a lot about many industries and companies and have always been excited to help clients with their important missions. Just imagine the fun we’re having…

…helping to kill germs with a silver antimicrobial nano technology. Fighting obesity. Staging sales meetings for a Fortune 500 company who is a friend to all animals. Publishing a book written by one of the most amazing men – a Holocaust survivor – in the world. Supporting students in their pursuit of higher education. Serving as the marketing department for a cutting edge law enforcement technology company that can tell a lot about you just by your license plate. Speaking directly to LOHAS consumers to find out what makes them tick. Adding a jolt of freshness to one of the oldest and most prominent shopping malls in the southeast. Promoting the importance of consumer-centric research to companies all across the country. Shouting about LED lighting and its extreme energy efficiency, the range of colors you can achieve and the depth of usage they bring to a building… more than any other light source.

Textiles and apparel have been particularly good to us. We’ve been instrumental in growing the number of US companies who have their textiles tested for harmful substances by the global Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. We’ve helped introduce the world to a performance stretch fiber that is virtually indestructible; it even stands up to chorine! We’re keeping athletes and health enthusiasts more comfortable with moisture management performancewear and protecting the workforce and racecar drivers from fire hazards with protective apparel.

And we always sing the praises of our green-minded clients while helping others to become more so.

We’d love to learn about your world and help your company, too. For more information on how Blink can help your company, brand and initiatives, call 336.471.5584.

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