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Branding From The Inside Out

At BrandedCultures, we believe that true market differentiation can only be achieved from the inside out — from an understanding of a company’s internal culture. While external research is appropriate for many things, branding is not one of them. You can only brand who you are. That’s why we believe its internal culture is a company’s most valuable asset. And why we say “Your culture IS your brand.”


What does a Branded Culture look like?

Branded Culture clients don't look like their categories. Thery look like themselves. By capturing the essence of their internal cultures we craft messaging that is differentiated and memorable and individual. Wouldn't you like to look like a branded culture instead of a category clone? Of course you would!

Client Reviews (6)

Tell Then What You Need and They'll Run With It

Marketing Strategy

Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000

We were charged with rebuilding a damaged brand image. Branded Cultures were hired to deliver strategy, a web site, and tactical materials. Ken and Steve started by earning trust with our key clients so they could uncover true impressions and feelings toward the brand in deep personal dialogs. This core work identified pain points and helped us align our story of service, benefits and strengths to rebuild our image. They delivered a package of flexible content to be used in ads, testimonials, collateral. Great contemporary web branding !!

Cynergy Data
Financial Services
over 4 years ago
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