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On an average day, every man, woman and child in this country is bombarded with 1,800 advertising sales messages. Over 16 waking hours, that's 112.5 ad messages an hour, 1.875 a minute, or one sales message every 32 seconds.

How do you break through all that advertising clutter and get prospects to buy from you – especially when you consider that in a typical newspaper or magazine, for example, the most noticed ad fails to attract most readers' (54%) attention?

You could follow "best" practices, which guarantee your ad, commercial or website will look and sound like all the others (making your problem worse). You could increase your budget exponentially to make sure a mediocre message is repeated often enough for someone out there to maybe notice it.

Or you could contact Bright Orange Advertising, with a track record of creating ads, commercials, brochures and websites that multiply your marketing dollars by making your message stand out like a bright orange beacon in a sea of gray mush.


Invensys Software Systems

Manufacturers use multiple legacy software platforms that are functionally related but can't work with each other. This division of a global conglomerate developed software that bridges the gap between these incompatible systems. The problem was, nobody in their target audience understood this, and the division as floundering as a result. The campaign we created spelled out for the first time what their products did and how manufacturers could benefit. Both the message and the counterintuitive visual approach stood out so well that they won top readership scores in B2B magazines. Magazines' advertising departments were so impressed that they upgraded the campaign to premium space at no extra cost. The campaign gave focus to a money-losing division and was a major factor in achieving its first profits.

Client Reviews (2)

Great listener, creative and a pleasure to work with!

Graphic / Communication

Budget Range
less than $20,000

Bright Orange Advertising has been there for my school time and time again! Before all of our projects, which were many, Bruce listened attentively to our needs and goals. His creative inspiration has helped drive the marketing for very successful campaigns. Would highly recommend. A pleasure to work with!

Director of Admissions
Fasman Yeshiva High School
Education Management
7 months ago
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