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What distinguishes CHEN PR from every other PR firm seeking your business? It's people who "get it" before you even finish giving it to them. People who know how to monitor the complex media landscape, gleaning vital intelligence and filtering out the crosstalk and background noise. People who not only anticipate opportunities and issues before they hit your radar screen, but come armed with thoughtful, comprehensive strategies to address them. People who possess a constantly-expanding, killer “Rolodex” -- but more importantly, have earned a reputation for professionalism and value-add that leads those key industry market movers to answer their calls. People who are adept at influencing, not just informing.

Above all, it's people who understand that the effective practice of PR starts with insightful, expert counsel and ends with meticulous, well-orchestrated execution across all media, venues, and constituencies.

That's CHEN PR -- and if that sounds like what you're looking for, we invite you to learn more.

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