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Our story

Coffey's first products were printed. We offered our clients healthcare publications in a tabloid format—which was unlike anything else in the marketplace at that time. And we filled those publications with content that was impeccably researched, thoroughly checked and beautifully illustrated.

As our reputation grew and the needs of our clients changed, so did our products. We developed magazines and newsletters, and we created publications that were just right for specific audience types. In time, we developed completely custom print publications too. In 1998, Coffey moved into the digital age. We debuted our Health Information Library that year, and we began building websites for hospitals and health plans. We've expanded our digital product line to include SEO and e-newsletters, and we're developing a suite of new tools, including reputation management, PPC, social media publishing and more.

Now, we offer our clients a completely integrated experience. We can enhance the power of a print publication with digital tools. We can entice people to sign up for a print piece through a website. And we can create completely custom campaigns that help readers immerse themselves in a company's culture across all channels.

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