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Why we're unique

DLKW Lowe Group consists of 3 specialist agencies; DLKW Lowe - Brand Strategy & Advertising, Lowe Epic - Full Service Digital, and Lowe Open - Strategic Activation.

We have come together to offer our clients the advantage of specialist expertise with the ability to consistently collaborate whenever our client's need.

We're here for one reason - to create a greater business effect for our clients.
Greater like for like sales, site visits, transactions, basket size, customer value - it's all we care about.
We are relentlessly commercial.
But we know that nothing works harder commercially than a strong brand. And we believe Purposeful Brands, inventively activated, have more of a chance of a greater business effect than any other.

People want brands to stand for something, to believe in something beyond selling and making money. They want brands that strive to improve their lives, society and the world we live in. Many clients we work with already have a brand purpose. But if they haven't this is where we start - by defining a purpose for the brand to give customers and employees something meaningful to engage with.

We think inventively to drive people to think or act differently, by whatever means necessary, to always achieve greatest business effect.
We call this the inventive activation.

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