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Augmented and Mixed Reality for brands

Edge is a boutique technology firm that creates marketing programs with data insights across all digital consumer touch points.

EdgeDNA is specialized in using Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, IoT embedded devices, Voice Device development and mobile / desktop development.

We are specialists in distribution and creation of content - using emerging technologies and people who can influence / strengthen a consumer experience.

Contact Us and explore:

Augmented Reality programs for brands
Augmented Reality programs for events
Augmented Reality programs for commercial use
Augmented Reality programs for retail and in store
Augmented Reality for Facebook Spark AR Studio
Augmented Reality for iPhone Apps
Augmented Reality for Android Apps

We build softwares and application with the help of:
Mixed Reality
Virtual Reality
Content Creation
Strategy Management
Content Distribution
Application Development
Web & Mobile Development
User Interface Design


We build Augmented Reality for brands and marketers

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