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About gomeeki

Gomeeki, the experts in cloud based multi-screen solutions, provide a range of unique retail & media propositions for all stages of the customer journey, underpinned by industry leading technology.

Since 2008, many of Australia’s leading brands have benefited from Gomeeki’s proprietary end-to-end mobile solutions to increase sales, mobilise business processes, reduce costs and enhance customer experience.

With a blue chip client base including the region's leading operators, service providers and consumer brands, Gomeeki has been a pioneer in the Australian mobile sector, helping deliver innovative and compelling services for our clients and their customers.

Gomeeki solutions touch all types of mobile users millions of times each day, through innovative mobile business solutions that incorporate search, SMS, push notifications, iPhone, Android applications, advertising, location, proximity, coupons, tickets, m-commerce and data network analytics, enabling fully-integrated and personalised one-to-one marketing communications.

Everyday, millions of consumers rely on Gomeeki to deliver amazing experiences on their connected devices, having many of the Australia's highest profile and most popular consumer brand products under management.

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