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Why we're unique

Griffin Communications Group has a deep passion for innovation, which is why we choose to support the aerospace, energy and technology industries. Our other passion – making a difference.

In 1997, Gwen Griffin had a vision to create a strategic marketing communications firm deeply rooted in experience, talent, creativity, collaboration and integrity. Today, Griffin Communications Group is that and more as realized in our reputation and award-winning team of communications specialists. We consider ourselves stakeholders with a vested interest in the success of the aerospace, energy and technology industries. Our client’s needs are our primary mission. Our primary objective – to exceed client expectations in terms of quality, value and results.

Led by highly respected industry veterans – Gwen Griffin, President & CEO, Jeff Carr, SVP Aerospace Communications, and Marti Boone, SVP Energy and Technology – our team has decades of industry-specific communications and branding experience. We have a pulse on global marketing and communications trends and a proven ability to generate cost-effective programs and bottom-line results for our clients.

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